smart. strategic. insightful.

who we are

sixsense strategy group is a boutique consulting company with a singular focus on the life sciences industry. our strategists and scientists collaborate to provide a unique and refreshing approach to strategy.

where we work

our work is global.
us. eu. canada.

our sweetspot

we work with a breadth of clients.  our sweetspot is companies that are launching new therapies or entering new disease areas and are looking for strategic partners.

our philosophy

give the market an offer it cannot refuse.

good strategy starts with understanding the needs and motivations of your key stakeholders and then providing them with an offer they can’t refuse. simple. we call it “tightening the match”. if payers are unwilling to pay, prescribers are unwilling to prescribe, or patients are unwilling to use your product then it is time to re-look your offer and your understanding of their needs.

at sixsense strategy group we uncover the needs and motivations of your key stakeholders, help you take an objective look at your offer and then design strategy to “tighten the match”.

you can’t template strategy.

good strategy comes from thinking, making choices and charting a course that will move the business from its current state to its desired state. every strategy is unique to its situation. strategy is not about filling in large decks full of complex (and often useless) templates. that’s busy work.

at sixsense strategy group, we develop strategy that is tailored to your situation.  there is no template for that.

keep strategy simple.

where to play, how to win, drivers & barriers, SWOT, critical success factors, strategic objectives, KPI’s ….  when did strategy get so complicated?

at sixsense strategy group we keep strategy simple.
there are 3 key components to strategy design:

  • the current state
  • the desired state, and
  • how to get there – the strategy

that’s it. really. no fancy buzzwords or concepts. just simple, pure strategy.